The Best In The Business Of Exterior & Interior Painting

We are best in resources to provide our clients top notch services to make the project a land mark of its finishing attributes and durable quality outlook. Mista Painta is here for you to do it all in GIB FIXING, STOPPING, PAINTING, WATERPROOFING, TILING and ROOF PAINTING.

Exterior & Interior Painting

Need a new paint job on your house or office? Mista Painta can take care of all types of outside and inside paint jobs.

Roof Painting & Spraying

We can paint commercial and home ceilings of any size. We deal with projects of all scales.

Outside roof spraying can be a difficult task, it needs a professional touch and we have the experience to deal with any type of roof.


Protection against a disaster like a fire can be a stress reliever. Fireshield painting from Mista Painta is just the thing you need.


Those rainy days will be a lot more enjoyable when you have Mista Painta’s waterproofing service done.

Gib Stopping

Plastering or Gib Stopping requires a steady hand and experience, both qualities we have in abundance.

Exterior Painting

Walls, fences, sheds and everything else.

Commercial Painting

Offices, stores, and all types of buildings.

Interior Painting

Walls, ceilings, basements and all paint jobs.

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